About Us

Because everything happens for a reason

From the buttons you click on a website to the Ben & Jerry’s you hide inside a bag of frozen peas so you can eat it in secret after the kids go to bed (no judgement), there are always two reasons for every decision you make: the psychological and the emotional.

Stellar Theory is where we play to both, so your people feel seen, heard and understood.

We hear people like that.

Meet The Founder

A designer informed by strategy, humanity and really strong coffee

I didn’t mean to become a designer. It happened of necessity: Like you, I’d started a business—a massage therapy clinic—and needed a brand and website. But what looks like a horror flick for the majority of us (DIYing) actually became my second career: A brand and web designer for the entrepreneur who’s ready to do things differently, to put her money where her mouth is, invest in an expert and pivot to profit.

Today, I work exclusively with the movers and shakers of female entrepreneurs and small businesses. I’ve invested in myself, taken professional development courses, hired pros to do what I can’t, built a team of creative contractors, and become known for design that’s grounded in humanity and informed by theory. I believe everything happens for a reason (existentially and literally, thank you very much), including where we scroll and what we click on a website. It’s my job to understand why we do what we do, so we can translate it into design that blows people out of the water harder than Jaws. And that was pretty hard.

Quick Facts

95+ clients served

98% were word-of-mouth referrals

7+ years as a designer

38+ professional development courses taken

18+ years as an entrepreneur

A busy parent that gets there is life outside of business

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