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Our Accelerator is the secret sauce to launching strategic website inside four weeks. 

Don’t have eight weeks and five figures to launch your brand and website? We get it.

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Two rounds of limited feedback during the website concept phase and build.

A thank-you page to wow your soon-to-be customers.

Integration with any third-party payment platform of your choice

Fundamental SEO Implementation to help you get found plus guidance on next steps

Our content prep guide inside our project dashboard making the prep work easy

A Squarespace 7.1 website with 4 pages and a simple blog based on our proven framework

Free sourcing of on-brand stock photography, as needed

A 60-minute call to get clear on your brand and to align the design with your big goals

What you get

We start with our proven website framework and customize the sh!t out of it, giving you a professionally branded business without the investment of a 100% custom project.

It’s the love child of DIYing and going pro—hand over your content, and we’ll do the rest.

She's beauty and brains inside of four weeks

brand + website accelerator

8 Business Days of Follow Up Support inside our dashboard.

Website built with conversion, user-experience and SEO in mind.

Personalized Project Dashboard for detailed support during our timeline.

Up to 20% off your first payment of your new Squarespace plan

A few more perks ...

Imagine looking this good!

need a little bit more than web?

Round out your glow up with these add-ons

Custom Brand Suite  - $3500 +

Sales Page (Long-form) - $3500+

Additional Pages - $500 to $750/pg

Sales Page (Short-form) - $1000

VIP Days to take care of digital collateral, Sales Funnel Set-up, site optimization - $1797


"Working with Stellar Theory freed me to focus on doing what I love, rather than trying to teach myself the intracies of branding and web design. Totally worth the investment!"


"I get a lot of compliments about how f*cking awesome my website is. Everything is cohesive and intentional. It feels amazing to hear people come to me knowing exactly what I do. "


"I was so embarassed to send leads to my old website. It clearly looked DIY'd. Now, I send them and with little effort they turn into customers."

Don't Take It From Me

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It’s what we call semi-custom: We start with our 100% original website framework and customize the shiz out of it with your new brand colours, typography and photography to make it one of a kind and unique to your business.

What does "proven framework" mean?

Yes, each visual identity we design in our brand essential framework is custom. We'll start with our simplified brand strategy to ensure that the end result is exactly what you need to connect and attract the right customers. The about this package is that we've scaled it back what we are creating to get you launched asap.

Is the brand custom?

100%! If you aren't sure if this package will work for you, you can book a totally-free, no-strings attached consult and we'll custom quote the additional scope. Additional work will add to the timeline, but if that is cool with you, we can make it happen. Head over here to do that.

I may need more pages or something more custom. Can I add on to our accelerator after booking?

We recommend professionally written copy for any and every sales page. After all, you wouldn’t buy food without looking at the ingredients, right? Right. It’s the same with a sales page: You wouldn’t buy a high-ticket offer without reading about it first. The message matters, especially when the stakes are high.

Your accelerator includes guidance on what to write for each page, but if you’re *really* serious about a website that converts, you’ll invest in professionally written sales copy. Don't worry, we've got the hook up: Our friends at Gemini Branding write all of our copy and have a special package for writing website copy, just for you. You can thank us later.

What about copy?

We book our sales page intensives within a two-week container, or eight business days. Beginning on Monday of the first week and ending on Thursday of the second week. We’ll present the design to you on Thursday of the first week, so you’ll have the weekend to review it and share your feedback by Monday morning of the second week. Then we’ll build it in Squarespace and have it ready to handover by Thursday morning.

How long does it take?

Nope! We will have your brand and website packaged so that you will be ready to launch, so if you want to hold off until a specific launch date, you can. We’ll leave you with instructions for pushing the website live whenever you’re ready to. The important thing to note is the website will be wrapped up and all yours within four weeks, whether you want to launch it yet or not. We won’t hold it hostage.

Do I have to launch the brand and website at the end of our timeline?

No can dosville, baby doll. We know Squarespace 7.1 inside and out and can build the sh*t out of this platform. That’s why we can build your new website so quickly.

Will you build it on a platform that isn't Squarespace?

The FAQs

In the words of Ben Stiller’s Starsky, “Do it.” We’ll brand you and build it with two simple rounds of refinement. And bam, you're done. 

Do it

Can’t wait to get started?

Us too—but wait, there’s homework. You’ll fill out our intake form, then we’ll hop on a 60-minute call to prepare for your accelerator and walk you through our Project Dashboard.

Prep it

Nervous about booking?

Start with a free consultation to see if an accelerator is for you. If it is, book your dates ASAP—a 50% deposit guarantees it's yours.

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One and done before you know it.

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