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sales page intensive


The thing between you and a sold-out offer is a stellar sales page

And we’re not talking a sales page you hobbled together with a template and some glue. We’re talking a professionally designed sales page with a proven sales copy framework to make your next big thing fly off the virtual shelves like Tamagotchis circa 1997. Yeah, that type of sales page.

we got you.

You want to step into your expert status with a sales page that looks as legit as the bonafide business woman you are

You want to sell this as a high-ticket offer, but you can’t justify the premium price tag without a premium brand experience

You’ve polled your people or sold this offer before, so you know it’s in demand—unlike your design skillz which are, um, not

You don’t have time to email clients back, let alone DIY a sales page or learn how to code in Squarespace 7.1

You have a one-to-one or one-to-many offer that’s too damn good to sit in a folder on your hard drive (or in your brain)

Is this you?

The good news is: You’re two weeks away from a sold-out offer

You read that right. Two weeks. We’ve taken years of education and experience and condensed it into a two-week intensive that takes you from Googling “how to design a sales page” and crying into your coffee to having a done-for-you, high-converting sales page to launch your next big thing.

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Two rounds of limited feedback and edits to the sales page

A thank-you page and redirect from your payment platform

Integration with any third-party payment platform of your choice

An SEO-optimized sales page installed directly in your Squarespace 7.1 site

Up to 15 sections of content, including guidance on what to write

Tech mock-ups to make your digital offering feel more tangible

Free sourcing of on-brand stock photography, as needed

Full integration of your brand colours, typography and photography

A semi-custom offer mark (like a logo sub-mark, but for your offer)

A 90-minute call to get clear on your brand and the goal of the sales page

What you get

If this were Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you’d have your golden ticket to the factory alright. Lucky you, that golden ticket is for sales—and doesn’t come with a bed full of grandparents, thanks.

Your golden ticket to sales

Sales Page Intensive

After you book, you’ll get access to our in-depth sales page questionnaire, where you’ll spill about the big new thing you’re offering and your goal for the sales page. And you’ll start gathering the assets we’ll need to design your sales page ASAP.

The Prep

In week one, we’ll design and present your sales page, referencing your existing brand and website as a visual guide. Before the end of the week, you’ll get to weigh in on the design with two rounds of feedback and edits to the sales page.

The Design

The second round of feedback and edits you share with us will be baked directly into the build. That’s right, in week two, we’re building this thing inside Squarespace 7.1. By the end of week two, your sales page will be launched and making bank.

The Build


We’ve got other projects on the go, so we can only accept two sales page intensives per month—and we’ve got a waitlist because we’re popular like that. So, if you can’t wait to start making more sales, now’s your moment.

Here’s the thing: Space is limited

Two weeks, $3,500, your sold-out offer

The Investment

You get our founder, Amanda, a professional designer with 7 years of experience for two weeks. That’s less than $55 an hour. Our studio rate is $215 an hour, and we both know website design starts at five figures.

So if you’re asking yourself if you can afford to do a sales page intensive, ask yourself this instead: Can you afford not to? Can you afford to mod-podge another sales page together with no strategy, no design experience, and no sales psychology? Because those are worth a lot more than $3,500. And so is your business.

—Sarah Beau Creative, Educator & Photographer

“Having the support and accountability to get my new brand subscription sales page up was great. The fact that we completed within two weeks, and not me playing with my webpage for days on end. And I almost sold out of spots within ONE DAY of launching it.”"

—Kristine Miguel, Caritas Company

“Before partnering with Stellar Theory, I didn’t have a clear path for customers to follow to work with me. Now, my website and sales pages are super effective at selling my offers. I just send them to my site, and they know exactly what to do. Worth the investment.”

—Kim Kiel, Ethical Sales Copy

“I've worked with other designers who were not impressive. Stellar Theory is the design unicorn you've been looking for. Total pros: Skilled and fast and know their stuff. They totally ‘got’ my vision and over-delivered. And Amanda is a nice, normal person who is easy to work with.”

The results are in ...

Meet Amanda, our founder and lead designer—and your partner on every sales page intensive. A professional designer of 7 years, Amanda believes websites should be informed by strategy and grounded in humanity—because, after all, real-life humans use websites. So, she takes it upon herself to understand why we do what we do, so we can translate it into design that blows people out of the water harder than Jaws. And that was pretty hard.

A designer informed by strategy, humanity and really strong coffee

meet the founder

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It’s what we call semi-custom: We start with our 100% original sale page framework and customize the shiz out of it with your brand colours, typography and photography to make it on-brand and unique to your offer.

Are Sales Pages 100% Custom?

Our framework is 15 sections long, but we’ll customize the framework to your offer and needs. The majority of our clients land between 10 and 15 sections.

How long is the sales page?

100%! We will custom quote the additional sections and add them to your final invoice. 

I may need more than 15 sections. Can I add on to our Intensive after booking?

We recommend professionally written copy for any and every sales page. After all, you wouldn’t buy food without looking at the ingredients, right? Right. It’s the same with a sales page: You wouldn’t buy a high-ticket offer without reading about it first. The message matters, especially when the stakes are high.

Your sales page intensive includes guidance on what to write for each section, but if you’re *really* serious about selling out your offer, you’ll invest in professionally written sales copy. Don't worry, we've got the hook up: Our friends at Gemini Branding write all of our copy and have a special package for writing sales page copy in a day, just for you. You can thank us later.

What about copy?

We book our sales page intensives within a two-week container, or eight business days. Beginning on Monday of the first week and ending on Thursday of the second week. We’ll present the design to you on Thursday of the first week, so you’ll have the weekend to review it and share your feedback by Monday morning of the second week. Then we’ll build it in Squarespace and have it ready to handover by Thursday morning.

How long does it take?

Nope! The sales page will be ready to launch, so if you want to hold off until a specific launch date, you can. We’ll leave you with instructions for pushing the sales page live whenever you’re ready to. The important thing to note is the sales page will be wrapped up and all yours within two weeks, whether you want to launch it yet or not. We won’t hold it hostage.

Do I have to launch the sales page at the end of the second week?

No can dosville, baby doll. We know Squarespace inside and out and can build the sh*t out of this platform. That’s why we can build your sales page so quickly.

Will you build it on a platform that isn't Squarespace?

The FAQs

Psst! Like to take things slow and be more hands-on? Check out our Web Accelerators.

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If you’re ready to stop DIYing, step into your expert status and make bank, step away from Google, and apply for a sales page intensive already. We can’t wait.